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Stages of Care at Genesis Chiropractic

There are three stages of chiropractic care. The first phase of care is to address pain and discomfort. The second addresses the healing of surrounding tissue & muscle for mobility and function. The third consists of wellness care through checkups for spinal subluxations, degeneration and joint health.

Address Pain & Discomfort

Relief from pain, inflammation and discomfort is the initial focus. Dr. Kaput can provide systematic relief using safe effective chiropractic techniques for the specific area of concern whether it be headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, etc. The goal is for patients to return to normal activity without being limited by pain or discomfort. Patients may need to scale back some activity yet it is encouraged for patients to be mobile for the benefits this brings for circulation and healing. In addition, Dr. Kaput will address inflammation and muscle tension to promote healing and restored function.

Corrective Care

The pain may have subsided yet the process of healing the injured tissue and muscle is dependent on this next phase of chiropractic care. It is now that Dr. Kaput works with the patient to correct the problems that brought about the injuries and conditions so that the injured tissues can rehabilitate and heal. This phase may take longer than the initial phase as corrective care helps the body to fully recover and heal so it can reach its full potential. During this stage, it is very important that patients adhere to Dr. Kaput’s instructions and keep their appointments.

Wellness Care

Screenings and checkups for spinal subluxations, degeneration and joint health after the injured tissues are healed and corrected is a very important part of one’s wellness plan. Periodic chiropractic checkups serve as prevention of tissue injuries before the symptoms of pain and discomfort arrive. Each patient wellness care plan is unique to their lifestyle and overall health.