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Adjustments in Macomb to Alleviate Back Pain, Neck Pain & More

Adjustments are a non-invasive treatment administered by chiropractor. Dr. Eddie Kaput at Genesis Chiropractic to helps to restore function, remove irritation, and improve overall health. Our Macomb Chiropractor uses adjustments to gently bring a patient into alignment for the body to have optimized health.

What is a spinal adjustment?

The spinal adjustment or manipulation, occurs when Dr. Kaput applies a controlled force into one or more vertebrae of the spine that are subluxated. Dr. Kaput delivers manual adjustments with his hands and may also utilize a specialized mechanical tool and/or decompression table.

When should spinal adjustments be given?

Posture and spinal health are something that we all should be aware of. It is the foundation of our very being. Spinal evaluations may find that there is a misalignment or subluxation yet the patient may not be experiencing pain just yet. Addressing this can prevent the onset of neck pain, back pain, headaches, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain etc. from the body being off balance and compensating due to the issue. In addition, other conditions that are non-spinal related may resolve as well once the removed subluxation alleviates the irritation and inflammation to the nervous system which affects other functions and organs. Regular adjustments are advised to keep the body in optimal health.

The non-spinal adjustement:

Dr. Eddie Kaput is certified in extremity adjusting (CCEP) and he is experienced with sports injuries, rehabilitative and athletic taping/modalities, Graston Technique, neurology and nutrition. He can adjust joints such as shoulders, wrists, hands, elbows, knees, hips, ankles.

These joints can become misaligned causing range of motion and function to be affected. Athletes depend on chiropractic care for their spinal health and joint health to maintain and improve performance.