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Chiropractic X-Rays in Macomb at Genesis Chiropractic

At Genesis Chiropractic, our Macomb chiropractor uses x-rays as a way to provide qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to determine a customized treatment for each of his patients. Having x-rays in-house is convenient for patients and allows for best patient care.

Dr. Kaput is trained and experienced to use x-rays if needed to identify even the most subtle abnormalities in the spine.

X-Rays When Needed:

X-rays are helpful in identifying portions of the spine under high stress and can show areas where there has been a degenerative change. Dr. Kaput can create an individualized treatment plan for best results. X-rays can also identify if there is a tumor, infection, or spinal fracture that may require immediate medical assistance.

Procedure to Minimize Exposure:

Dr. Kaput uses equipment and procedures for best results. Only necessary x-ray views will be taken and care to shield the x-ray beam from affecting sensitive tissues and areas of non-diagnostic interest are taken. Of course, expecting moms and young children are advised not to receive x-rays.